Take A Look At Fun Riddles

I have seen people gossiping on small talks but have hardly come across people who along with small talks crack fun riddles with their friends. Adding riddles in your get together is the funniest and joyful way to enjoy and make the conversations more exciting. For you I have listed below some of the funniest riddles that will surely scratch your head and make you crazy.

  1. What are the two things that you can never eat for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch and dinner

  1. I am brown and sticky, who am i?

Answer: A stick

  1. Something that goes in hard comes out soft and you blow me hard. What am I?

Answer: A bubble gum

  1. Take my skin off, I will not cry but you will cry hard. Who am I?

Answer: An onion

  1. Poor people have me, rich people need me. If you eat me you will die. Who am I?

Answer: Nothing

  1. Without being held I break. Who am I?

Answer: A promise

  1. I am a murderer who is sentenced to death. I am allowed to pick one between the three rooms. The first room is full of raging fires, the second room is filled with assassins with loaded gun and the third room has lions that have not eaten anything since three years. Which room will be safe for me?

Answer: Choose the third room because lions have not eaten since three years are dead.



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