The Divine Davines Love Shampoo

Davines is known to be a green and clean brand which produces high ended hair care products made up of natural ingredients and it is popular al around the globe. The davines produces products for different needs and purposes; there are shampoos for oily hair, for dry and also for unruly unkempt hair. The latest shampoo of the davines range of davines love shampoo is known for frizzy, unmanageable and undisciplined hair. This shampoo is not quiet running; it is creamy and also gives a thick lather that helps to hydrate the hair.

Ingredients of davines love shampoo

  • Indian fig moisture
  • Olive amphoacetate
  • Olive oil peg- 7 ester

The davines love shampoo is made up of olive extract that makes the hair quite smooth and shiny which helps to rinse the hair properly and prevents them from getting dry and shabby. This davines love shampoo also comes with a davines love conditioner which has a smell that is a crowd turner. The shampoo and the conditioner have a subtle colour that looks quite pleasing and soft; the packaging is also simple yet quite attractive just like the other davines products. So if you are dealing with a problem of frizzy hair the this is the best shampoo.



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