The Very Popular Addition To Poker Domino Q

Poker since the very beginning of time is considered to be a very profitable game for the people of Indonesia and has large number players across. Similarly the players have developed extensive fondness for the game. In the poker game is the new and famous addition with the name domino qq. It has the latest of the gaming features names as LIVE POKER wherein the cards shuffling and distribution is done in front of the players.

Talking about domino q, it can be referred as ADUQQ and consists of 28 pieces of cards game with different numbers on each card. In the game, the players are playing with 4 cards and each card being divided into 2-2 at the either side or each side added together with the highest number being 9 in this format.

Capsa flat is another famous game in this segment which is available on the capsa online which makes it easier for other players to play with combination and strategy. There are soaring benefits of playing with the poker 1001 which is the official website which allows the players to play the game online. it is the genuine and authentic network for poker players.


  • There are large number of players playing and earning via poker 1001 which illustrates the authenticity.
  • It`s a one on one game with totally fair play.
  • A player during the course of his game also gets bonuses and advances form the website.

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